PublicView works effectively, therefore your message is always at the right place at the right time.
In addition PublicView is very userfriendly and information is easily added and accessible everywhere.
Because PublicView is Plug & Play, installation is very easy.
Due to the flexibility of design you have a choice out of more than 50 standard layouts, but you can also create them yourself.
And finally, PublicView is affordable and reliable.

How does it work ?


The content management of your screen(s) is accessible via the Internet. Allmost every device that can connect to the internet is suitable to manage your screen(s) via our web-servers. (Computer-Tablet-Smartphone) By connecting to your Management Console all your layouts and  media can be added, modified and controled  by date, time and screen.

Screen display

Every screen that supports a VGA, HDMI or Video input can be used. The accessory HDMI-dongle, Windows-Pro player or WebOS display connects to the internet using a WIFI or wired internet connection and connects to your Management Console.

Starting january 2016 our WebOS version will be available.
"Since we use PublicView our internal communication is much better and our visitors can easly find there way in our building"

Choose your line of business

Choose your line of business for an appropriate advice by
moving your mouse over the icons and click on the appropriate icon

Catering sector

Consultants / Physicians

Corporate building



Gym / Fitness


Public Building

Real Estate and Travel agencies


Shopping Center



Theatre Cinema Museum

Make your choice!



"Since we use PublicView our customers are much better informed about our offers and prices."


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